The Faculty In Brief

The faculty in brief



The faculty of economics, commerce and management is one of the first founding faculties of the University of Setif. It aims at forming leaders and outstanding specialists needed by the socioeconomic sector thanks to the vast variety of the majors and disciplines which it offers.


In 1978, the institute of economics, together with two other institutes, formed the University Center of Setif with less than 100 students at its inception.


In 1984, the institute turned into a national institute for higher education of economics, and then to the faculty of economics and management in 2000. The latter, and since 2011, has been called "the faculty of economics, commerce and management".


The faculty provides an outstanding training in the various disciplines of economics, administration, finance and trade. Recently, the number has reached 30 different majors covering the studies in the BachelorMaster and PHD degrees.


Today, the faculty of economics, commerce and management is one of the largest constituent faculties of the University of Setif 1, in which the number of students exceeds 8000 students, supervised by more than 300 teachers and researchers in the academic year of 2013/2014.



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