The Dean’s Address


The dean’s address



The higher education course in the faculty of economics, commerce and management is on the march, so as to form an elite of outstanding capacities and competencies in the different disciplines related to the current progresses in the socioeconomic and institutional environments.


Accordingly, and for such a cultural task to be accomplished, especially under the new higher education system; the faculty staff had to radically change existing processes and re-engineer new ones on the following levels:


First and foremost; containingthe growing number of students and providing them with the basic conditions for a better higher education.  In this regard, the number of students has moved from 100 students at the institute’s foundation to 8000 students during the academic year 2013/2014.


Secondly; improving thequality of the scientific and pedagogical work through the diversification of majors, in which the number exceeds thirty (39) disciplines on the post- graduate and undergraduate levels. Additionally, the faculty seeks for the sustainable development of programs and their contents, and the use of modern methods and techniques in the training process.


Thirdly; following up the continuous rehabilitation of human resources that ensure supervision, research and training; and providing them with the appropriate environment to perform their functions in the best conditions.


Fourthly; establishing relationships with the socio-institutional environment and responding to its needs by creating new disciplines that conform to its specifications. Therefore, we help to findscientific solutions for its problems by studying them at the level of research projects and theses.


Fifthly; upgrading the scientific research’s outputs by providing the means of acculturation through the development of regular and electronic libraries, internet cafés, and data banks.


Sixthly;reinforcing the scientific and culturalrelations with colleges, research centers and universities on the regional and international level via the exchange of experiences, research and knowledge.


Last but not least; launching the highereducation quality system, and applying of the mechanisms of governance.


The dean

Prof. Belmahdi abdelouahab

Fax/phone: +213 36 62 01 53



Faculty Library

University of Sétif 1 , Faculty of Economics, Commerce and Management, Sétif, Algeria