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Doctoral Studies



 In the new education system recently adopted by the Algerian universities, which consists of three phases: BA, MA and PHD, outstanding MA students can take part in an open national contest. The contestants must fulfill a certain set of conditions pre-determined by the ministry in charge. In addition to the contest, the first shortlisted students will be classified according to their qualifications and backgrounds. Subsequently, the most interesting candidates will be invited for individual interviews to assess their knowledge and personality. Finally, a few candidates will be offered the opportunity to embark upon their studies via this program.


The faculty, then, takes charge of training the successful candidates for a three-year-period which can be extended for one year at the very most. Meanwhile, the students undertake a specialized training program including: lectures, seminars, workshops, internships and the like. At the same time, the students prepare their doctorate theses which will be defended at the end of the training.


In this respect, the faculty of economics, commerce and management offers four (6) disciplines in the Third Phase:






  Accounting, finance and auditing  


  Islamic Economics and Finance  


  Finance, banking and insurance  


  Company management  


  Management & sustainable development  





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