Post Graduate Studies Magister


Post Graduate Studies




Magister is an old education system which is equivalent to an MA degree. After getting a BA (4 years), the alumni can apply for the Magister. In this regard, and every year, the faculty organizes competitive examinations in various scientific disciplines of economics, commerce and management to allow graduated students apply for the Magister.

Moreover, and according to the rules that govern Master’s in Algeria, the graduated students participate in a national competitive examination announced by the faculty. Beforehand, the candidates must fulfill a certain set of conditions. The faculty, then, ensures overall training program for the shortlisted, according to the pre-determined syllabus which lasts for two years and can be subject to an extension of an extra year at most. During the first theoretical year, the student receives scientific units for a limited volume of hours. In the second year, the student is devoted to prepare a thesis in his specialty.

The faculty is currently supervising twenty (40) students in the Magister who are grouped into two disciplines:



  Advanced Accounting and Financial studies  


  Insurance economies  


  Governance and institutions  


  Marketing researches  




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