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Research units



Research Units are some of the mechanisms used in the research programs which are supervised by the Ministry of Higher Education and Scientific Research in Algeria.


Currently, the faculty has 19 accredited research units; all of which contain 85 researchers, and each unit lasts for three years.


The themes of these research units can be classified in the following lists:



Research Unit Rules & Conditions: 

  • Every research unit contains at least 3 researchers and 6 at most;
  • Each unit lasts for a period of three years which can be extended only one year at most; 
  • The research team must submit an annual report about the unit activities ( including: thesis supervision related to the unit theme, published national and international articles, conferences and seminars and all related activities;
  • The head of  the team must be a doctor, if not, a senior lecture class “B” does the purpose;
  • A professor can preside two research units at once;
  • A teaching assistant cannot be a member in more than a research unit;
  • Any team must include doctorate student researchers;
  • New members can be added in the normal session ( usually the end of September and the beginning of October), in order respond to appeals and make adjustments recommended by the experts;
  • No member shall be  excluded except by the head of the team;
  • The vice-dean in charge of post-graduation and scientific research supervises and follows up the current research projects;
  • New projects and annual reports must be submitted through the website designed for this process; any submission out of this site, or beyond the deadlines, is unacceptable.


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