National Research Programs


National Research Programs



National Research Programs aim at linking the university with the economic environment, as well as activating the research activity at the Algerian universities through research projects that gather researchers with the economic private and public institutions.


In this respect, 11 research projects, proposed by the faculty teachers (roughly 55 teachers); have been accredited by the ministry in charge. These projects cover various sectors like: economy, agriculture, industry and service. 


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 The faculty National Research Programs


National Research Program rules and regulations: 

  • The research project is based on a concluded contract between researchers and an economic organization (private or public), for 3-year renewable term;
  • The project contract must be enclosed with a set of specifications, including: the project objectives, the annual research syllabus and the manner in which projects are to be implemented; 
  • No researcher shall enroll in more than a project, and the contractor institution must inform the researcher employer (the university) about this contract;
  • The contractor institution must provide all the necessary conditions for the researchers to accomplish their tasks within the project contract;
  • Every project head must send an annual report about the research progress to the scientific research committee to be assessed;
  • If the committee assessment is negative, the contract will be, thereby, avoided. 


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