The University Ethic Pact


The University Ethic Pact



      Since the independence so far, the Algerian universities have witnessed a significant development in number and size, and have spread throughout the country; in almost every province there’s a university or a university center at least. Additionally, the number of students and alumni has doubled and new disciplines and research programs have been adopted.


     For these reasons, it was inevitable for the university community to adopt an ethical and methodological pact in order to govern the study practices and etiquettes, the students’ cons and pros and the university life in general. This pact emphasizes on the university community’s consensus about some general principles derived from international standards, and other local values from the Algerian Muslim society.


    This pact includes:


  1. The fundamentals of the university ethics & etiquettes.
  2. Rights & duties of students, teachers, administration…etc.


   To view the pact text, visit this link:


  The university pact text (Fr)  


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